• Since 2016:   Member of the Board of Directors of the Icelandic commercial bank Íslandsbanki ltd, Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2020
  • Since 2008:   Independent consultant in official statistics
  • 2009-2013:   Vice-President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI)
  • 1985-2007:   Director General of Statistics Iceland (1985-2006: including the National Registry of Persons), Member, UN Conference of European Statisticians (member of the CES Steering Committee 1999-2003)
  • 1994-2007:   Member, EU/EEA Statistical Programme Committee
  • 1998-2001:   Delegate, UN Statistical Commission
  • 1993-1995:   President, International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS)
  • Since 1991:   Expert/consultant/lecturer in technical cooperation and capacity building in various countries (Baltic states, Palestine, Macedonia, Lebanon, Eritrea, Angola, Bolivia, St. Kitts, Montenegro, Croatia, Malawi, Egypt)
  • 1980-1984:   Deputy Managing Director of the National Economic Institute, Iceland
  • 1972-1980:   Economist at the National Economic Institute, Iceland
  • 1970-1971:   Lecturer in economics at the University of Lund, Sweden

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