• Lecturer at the Eurostat/UNECE seminar on “Strengthening statistical systems to meet the challenges of the SDGs”, Bangkok, December 2016
  • Expert providing TA on the methodology of organising and conducting peer reviews of NSIs/NSSs in African countries, lecturer on that subject at a Eurostat/AUSTAT seminar in Dar Es Salaam, October -November 2016
  • Expert for the World Bank undertaking an assessment of development plans for the NSS of Romania and recommendations on a road map for statistical development 2017-2022, Bucharest July 2016
  • Expert within the Pan African Statistics Programme providing TA on organising and implementing peer reviews among statistical authorities in African countries. Addis Ababa June 2016
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Icelandic state-owned Islandsbanki ltd, from April 2016
  • Expert undertaking an assessment (mid-term review) of Phase 3 (2014-2016) of the project of institutional cooperation between Statistics Norway and the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek January 2016
  • Organiser and instructor of a training course on statistical principles, laws and codes, for statistical staff of the Hellenic Statistical authority (ELSTAT) and statistical units of Greek government ministries, Athens November 2016
  • Leader and lecturer at several sessions at the ILO Academy on Labour Statistics and Analysis, Torino November 2016
  • Organiser and instructor at a workshop on the application and implementation of the GSBPM, Central Informatics Office Bahrain, GCC-Stat, AITRS, May 2015
  • Team leader (Slovenia, Spain, the UK, Poland and Romania) on the Eurostat 2014-2015 round of peer reviews of NSIs of the European Statistical System, September 2014-May 2015
  • Consultant for the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) providing an external review of the PCBS Program 2012-2014 and PCBS Strategy 2014-2018, August-September 2014
  • Team leader for GOPA Consultants on a GCC-Stat Current Status Survey in member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, March-August 2014
  • Expert (international consultant) for UNFPA/UNDP on the drafting of a new Statistics Act for Sudan, Khartoum January-March 2014
  • Expert on the Iraq Statistical Moderization Project, Baghdad and Erbil, January-February and September-October 2013
  • Expert on an ex-post evaluation of the EU-ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building programme, EASCAB, 2009-2013, May-July 2013
  • Part-time adviser for Statistics Norway to the Commissioner of Statistics and the NSO of Malawi on the development and planning of the national statistical system of Malawi; 2010-2013
  • Consultant for the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics, PCBS, on the revision of the General Statistical Law of Palestine, December 2012
  • Main organizer and one of keynote speakers of the ISI Workshop on Leadership in Modern Statistical Systems, held for leaders of NSOs of South-East Asian countries, Daejeon, Korea, November 2012
  • Organizer/chair of the Programme Committee of the ISI Conference on Statistical Capacity Building, Daejeon, Korea, November 2012
  • High level expert for Eurostat on the joint Eurostat/Greece Action Plan in Statistics; Piraeus/Athens, Greece, May 2010-May 2011 and August 2011-July 2012
  • Consultant for UNFPA at a technical meeting to review the proposed Iraq Federal Statistics Law, Amman, October 2011
  • Organizer and keynote speaker at the ISI Workshop on Leadership of Modern Statistical Systems, held for leaders of NSOs of Anglophone African countries, Addis Ababa, March 2011
  • Consultant for the ICON Institue on a TA project for  the development of the Statistics Center of Abu Dhabi, March-April 2010
  • Representative of the ISI at the meeting of the UN Statistical Commission in New York in February 2010
  • World Bank – June 2009-January 2010:
    Consultant and Leader of a Team of Experts for the Evaluation of the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building.
  • Egypt – January and June 2009, June and November 2010:
    Consultant for Statistics Denmark and the central statistical agency of Egypt (CAPMAS) on the content and formulation of statistical policies for CAPMAS and the national statistical system of Egypt
  • Malawi – November-December 2008:
    Leader of a team and main expert conducting a mid-term review of the cooperation project in official statistics and planning between Norway (Statistics Norway) and Malawi (National Statistical Office, Ministry for Planning and Development, Ministry of Finance).
  • Palestine – October 2008:
    Consultant for the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), Ramallah, for drawing up the final stage of a National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) for Palestine.
  • Bolivia – August 2008:
    Consultant for ICO, Statistics Sweden at INE Bolivia advising on actions for improvement of management at INE.
  • Palestine – March-April 2008:
    Member of a Group of Experts employed by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and the Core Funding Group of the PCBS (Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland) evaluating the progress made by the PCBS 2005-2007 and appraising the draft programme of work of the PCBS for the years 2009-2011.
  • Eritrea – February-March 2008:
    Expert on behalf of Statistics Norway in Asmara, Eritrea on the drawing up of a Master Plan for the Eritrean National Statistical Institute and Eritrean Official Statistics.